Essen Light Festival 2016 - Aftermovie

The Essen Light Festival takes place as a prelude to the 67th annual Essen Light Weeks


Essen Light Festival

Staged along the ‘WAZ- Route’

Essen, City Centre

From Sunday 30th October to Saturday 5th November 2016, 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Free Admission!

The Essen Light Festival premières as an exciting kick-off to the 2016 Essen Lights Week.
From the 30th October to the 5th November, a number of the city’s most remarkable and striking buildings will host a series of extensive light-shows and video projections, along a circular trail through the centre of Essen.
The WAZ-Route links eight locations that can be easily visited within 1.5 hours. The music and light-shows begin at 6 pm and are repeated at regular intervals until 10 pm. Admission to all venues is completely free!


Ferries Wheel, Burgplatz

The large Ferris wheel in Castle Square, near Essen Cathedral, is fully lit and shines in all its glory. Enjoy a breathtaking, synchronised, music and light-show that lasts approximately 5 minutes. The lighting interacts with and embraces the changing beat and melody of the music. This makes a good place to start your journey through the Essen Light Festival, where you can immerse yourself in a symphony of music and light.


Shows start on the hour and every half hour.


Limbecker Platz

Long before you reach the shopping centre itself, you will notice the gorgeous lights. They make the impressive roof seem to come alive with movement. Does it actually move, or not? Is it an illusion, art or perhaps both? Let the lights and shapes enchant and inspire you. Enjoy the lovely relaxing music as reality and the virtual world meet in perfect harmony.


Video-mapping runs as an endless loop.

New construction, Funke Medien Gruppe, Berliner Platz

The area for the new headquarters of the ‘Funke Media Group’ currently houses little more than a frame-work construction. Nevertheless, this hollow shell somehow still gets brought to life with the aid of beautiful lights. Even the cranes circling the construction site are involved in the light-show, which is accompanied by impressive music. The beautiful green illuminations in the centre of the building mark the position of the media office, which provides 360 degree staging. All of this combines to create a colourful spectacle with an unusual ambience.


Light-show runs as an endless loop.

University District

Take a lovely walk along the waterside between Rheinischer Platz and Berliner Platz and enjoy the refuge of this green oasis, set amid the city centre. This enchanting spot embraces light, sound and water to create a place of silence and tranquillity that is full of atmosphere.


Staged over a length of more than 500 m. Why not take a relaxing stroll to enjoy this at its best?

Brecklinghaus, Pferdemarkt

The French NGO ‘Rencontres Audivisuelles’ have been leading an international collaboration on video-mapping for some years. This year, Essen hosts a multinational team of 16 students for an exciting collaborative project, including participants from Poland and the ‘Creative District’ (North inner-city). This will feature a video-mapping on the façade of the leather shop Brecklinghaus, located in the Pferdemarkt.


Light-show runs as an endless loop.

GOP Varieté ESSEN, Rottstraße

The GOP Varieté Theatre, Essen, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. For this celebration and as part of the Essen Light Festival, an 8 minute long 3D video-mapping runs on the GOP façade in alternation with another light-show. The video-mapping creates abstract forms, illusions and impressive images, supported by spirited music. You should definetely see and experience that for yourself.


8 minute long video-mapping alternates with Allbau Light-Show., gastronomic offer

Allbau AG, Kastanienhöfe/ Rottstraße

The recently opened Kastanienhöfe have been glowing in spectacular light for the first time. The façade of the new Allbau headquarters features a show in two different acts and creates a vibrant setting. The perfectly matched musical accompaniment rounds off the amazing symphony of light and glass.


Light-show alternates with GOP Varieté video-mapping

Kreuzeskirche, Weberplatz

The Cross Church marks the glorious ending of the WAZ-Route around the Essen Light Festival. This magnificent building, enthroned with its illuminated bell tower, shines over the Northern area of the city centre. Following its comprehensive restoration, the church has come to life again and serves not only as a place for religious services but also as a venue for events and a place of culture. Inside the recently refurbished church you will experience another spectacular light-show, the interplay of light and sound from which creates a special atmosphere and a real emotional highlight to end the evening.

Light-shows repeat regularly. Limited admission may lead to short waiting periods. Gastronomic offer served until 9.30 pm.